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Why diving is the best activity in Cape Verde

Having travelled the seas of the world, a group of scuba instructors landed on Sal Island in Cape Verde. They were fascinated with the variety and richness of the local underwater environment, fell in love with it and settled on the island.
Cabo Verde Diving was opened in 2003 with the goal to provide first class service in all aspects of diving. Our instructors will take you on a journey of the most unforgettable experience whilst ensuring every dive is delivered with comfort and safety in mind.
Whether you are an experienced diver or would like to make your first dive, Cabo Verde Diving will cater for all needs. Diving in Cape Verde offers a unique mix of diverse tropical and Mediterranean marine life. Discover rays and manta gracefully hovering around local wrecks, shoals of fish swaying in open water or sheltering in coral, or observe turtles lazily swimming nearby.
There is no rainy season in Cape Verde and we, therefore, dive all year-round. During the winter (January-March) humpback and occasionally sperm whales visit the islands on their annual migrations, whilst mantas, morays, turtles, a wide variety of sharks and large schools of fish are year-round attractions. Summer (June – November) is the mating season for the local turtles and these may be encountered underwater or on the beaches at night when they come ashore to lay their eggs. The underwater world of Cape Verde can satisfy the more demanding divers with caves, deep walls and wrecks and the tremendous abundance and variety of marine life…


Cabo Verde Diving Centre is pleased to offer a 5 star service.

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