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Bera d’coral

Bera d’coral At 18 to 20m deep Bera d’coral is a small bank found off the east coast of Sal. It is here where one is almost guaranteed meetings with the big atlantic Nurse sharks. 35 minutes by boat.

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Morro das Pedra

Morro das Pedra Morro das Pedras is like a cathedral in the desert of a sandy volcanic sea bed. It is 32m max depth and attracts a vast variety of sea life with shark sightings possible throughout the year. 45 minutes by boat.

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Ponta Preta funda

Ponta Preta funda Ponta Preta Funda is a sand bank with a maximum depth of 31m, located on the west of the island. Between January and April it is here that the song of the humpback whales may be heard whilst underwater and the whales themselves seen as you relax on the boat. From June [...]

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Champignon Champignon is another wall, 12m deep and located a short distance from Dunas. This is another location for turtles and on occasions can have a visibility of up to 70m. Stingray and Nurse sharks may also be encountered at this site. 20 minutes by boat.



Dunas Dunas is a shallow wall 12m deep. From June to December it is possible to meet turtles coming from the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Verde to reproduce and lay their eggs on the shoreline in front of the dive site. 20 minutes by boat.


Pontinha and Pontinha deep

Pontinha and Pontinha deep Pontinha is a wall that starts at 14 m going down to 30 m maximum. The dive can be divided in two parts, a deep one around 30m and a shallower one, around 20 m. The wall is full of nooks and crannies that become lairs for many lobster, moray and [...]

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Caldaia – Bolama

Caldaia - Bolama The dive starts on the remains of a steamship that sunk, on the south-west corner of Sal, at the beginning of the 20th century. It is well broken up and the only significant reminder is the big boiler that is the starting point of this dive. The dive goes on through a [...]

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Farol Farol offers multi-level diving with three distinct levels. It comprises cracks and gorges that invite exploration. It is full of assorted crustaceans and a wide variety of moray eels and is the perfect dive to encounter Frog fish 10 minutes by boat.