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Dive courses

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This is dedicated to all adventurous kids! The Bubblemaker program introduces children (minimum age 8 years old) to the fantastic underwater world.
This course is about playing and having fun with diving equipment specifically designed for children and takes place in our own pool where participants wear all scuba equipment and activities are closely supervised by certified instructors.

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Discover Scuba Diving

If you have never experienced diving before and are dying to see what it’s like underwater, this is for you! You don’t need to hold any diving qualifications as we provide a short theory session to explain the basic rules of diving. This is followed by a pool session to get you familiar with your diving equipment. When you are ready, you are taken out for a dive into the clear blue warm capeverdean waters. On the dive, you get to explore our amazing underwater environment and get a lifetime memory.
Minimum age required: 10 years old.

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Scuba diver – Padi Course

If you are interested in becoming a diver this is your first step. The Scuba Diver certification opens the door on the underwater world for anyone who thought that a diving course would take too long or be too difficult.
Learning the diving techniques will take you just 2 days (which do not need to be consecutive.)
A couple of hours in the morning and few more in the afternoon and you will become a certificated diver with a license valid all over the world.

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Open water diver – Padi course

With the Open Water course, you become a self-sufficient diver. Initially our qualified Instructors will take you through the theory with the aid of some amazing and humorous videos.
The next step is in the swimming pool where you will learn how the equipment works and how to use it. Finally, accompanied by your instructor, you’ll make your 4 open water dives.
Becoming a diver opens the door in an amazing new world: Come and open the door WIDE!
Minimum age required: 10 years old.

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Scuba review

Dedicated to those who have not dived for a long time and want to update their skills and refresh their knowledge. With a quick update, you will be ready to make some unforgettable dives!

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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

This is the next level after the Open Water Diver Course and a must for divers who wants to extend and improve their diving skills.
This time there is no need for the swimming pool and class theory. The Advanced Open Water Course is basically practical. You’ll dive with other licensed divers and carry out 5 dives in 5 different environments such as deep dive, wreck dive, etc. and will include underwater navigation and many other skills. The skills and experience you gain makes your diving more fun and improves your competence and confidence underwater.

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Rescue Diver Course

The best way to describe the Rescue Diver Course is: challenging and gratifying. This course will broaden your knowledge and experience. Rescue divers learn to take care of other divers, always thinking about safety and well-being. Rescue diver training will prepare you in the prevention of problems, and where necessary, to manage underwater emergencies. Most divers say the rescue diver course is the most rewarding and the best course they have taken.

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Emergency First Response Course

This course is dedicated to “first aid”. The Emergency First Response Course gives you the competence to deal with emergencies, not only underwater, but also during daily life, with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

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