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Dive sites

3 Grotes (3 Caves)


S. Antao

Santo Antão is estimated around 650,000 tonnes wreck which sank in 1966. She is broken into three sections and lies in 12m of water. The nooks and crannies of the Santo Antão provide a home for a variety of sea life and numerous different fish species. Encounters with big stingrays and nurse shark are frequent.
10min by boat.

Buracona e Regona

Regona consists of a labyrinth of caverns of various dimensions, connected by horseshoe shape tunnel that eventually emerge into open sea. The tunnel and caverns are populated by big fish and crustaceans. Buracona is a unique volcanic cove and the most well-known on the island. It is a naturally occurred siphon with a collapsed ceiling that allows sunlight to shine through creating a tranquil underwater setting with incredible lighting displays and sunbeams.
40 minutes by car.



Dois Olhos and Lagosta Verde

These caves have recently been discovered by our divers and are exclusive to Cabo Verde Diving centre. These are some of the most demanding dives and for experienced divers only. The caves are rich in life, particularly crustaceans with various species of crab, shrimps, green and red lobsters, gigantic slipper lobsters, nudibranchs that can be seen only in these caves and in addition there are also stingray and jacks to be found inside.
40 minutes by car.

Dois olhos

Langosta verde


Cavala is suitable for experienced divers only. It is a wonderful wall dive, starting at 28m going down to 65m. Here you may see some of the larger pelagics, such as tiger sharks or raggies as they are known locally, and hammerheads.
15 minutes by boat.

Choclassa – Choclassa deep

Choclassa – Choclassa deep

Located approximately 4km off Sal the diving starts at 14m and continues down beyond 300m! There are many amazing dives to do here depending on experience and qualifications. It is possible to see moray, tunas, blue marlin, turtles, lobsters, stingray, various mantas and sharks and whale sharks too.
25 minutes by boat.

KWARCIT Wreck – Boris

An interesting 28 meter wreck dive, Kwarcit a Russian fishing trawler started life in the late 70s, but when it made its appearance off the coast of Cape Verde it was transporting illegal workers from Senegal. The Kwarcit was sunk in January 2006. It is upright with the hull intact, and it is already an artificial reef where you can see lot of different species including: stingray, schools of jack fish, nurse sharks, different crustaceans, endemic nudibranchs and frog fish. Parts of the wreck are easily penetrable including the holds and the bridge…
15 minutes by boat.

Lost Anchor

Lost Anchor is suitable for all divers. It’s a small wall starting at 16m but full of life. It has all the tropical fish found around Sal as well as stingrays and nurse sharks that rest in quite places near the wall.
10 minutes by boat.


Farol offers multi-level diving with three distinct levels. It comprises cracks and gorges that invite exploration. It is full of assorted crustaceans and a wide variety of moray eels and is the perfect dive to encounter Frog fish
10 minutes by boat.

Caldaia – Bolama

The dive starts on the remains of a steamship that sunk, on the south-west corner of Sal, at the beginning of the 20th century. It is well broken up and the only significant reminder is the big boiler that is the starting point of this dive. The dive goes on through a gorge with a depth of 19m and is home to a huge variety of local sea life.
10 minutes by boat.

Pontinha and Pontinha deep

Pontinha is a wall that starts at 14 m going down to 30 m maximum. The dive can be divided in two parts, a deep one around 30m and a shallower one, around 20 m. The wall is full of nooks and crannies that become lairs for many lobster, moray and stingray. The slope at the bottom of this wall carries on into the deep blue depths, It is possible to observe the big oceanic stingray or hammerhead sharks coming up from the deep blue depths.
15 minutes by boat.


Dunas is a shallow wall 12m deep. From June to December it is possible to meet turtles coming from the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Verde to reproduce and lay their eggs on the shoreline in front of the dive site.
20 minutes by boat.


Champignon is another wall, 12m deep and located a short distance from Dunas. This is another location for turtles and on occasions can have a visibility of up to 70m. Stingray and Nurse sharks may also be encountered at this site.
20 minutes by boat.

Ponta Preta funda

Ponta Preta Funda is a sand bank with a maximum depth of 31m, located on the west of the island. Between January and April it is here that the song of the humpback whales may be heard whilst underwater and the whales themselves seen as you relax on the boat. From June to November it is common to have encounters with the local turtles or see Sand Tiger sharks (Raggies).
30 minutes by boat.

Morro das Pedra

Morro das Pedras is like a cathedral in the desert of a sandy volcanic sea bed. It is 32m max depth and attracts a vast variety of sea life with shark sightings possible throughout the year.
45 minutes by boat.

Bera d’coral

At 18 to 20m deep Bera d’coral is a small bank found off the east coast of Sal. It is here where one is almost guaranteed meetings with the big atlantic Nurse sharks.
35 minutes by boat.