What else will I have to pay for? 

PADI will not process your OWSI Applications without the hologram sticker (CODE Number from CD manual for IDCS applications) from inside PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which ships with the IDC Crew-pack. From 1 August 2013, PADI will not process IDC Staff Instructor Applications without the registration number CODE that ships with the PADI Course Director Manual. We do NOT include the required IDC Crew-pack or EFRI and Care for Children Instructor Manual as many people prefer to bring their own materials. (Most Instructor Development Centers do not include these either). Also, we want to give you the best available deal and this might mean buying your own materials back home for a better price than we can acquire them in here in Cape Verde. Additionally, this will of course give you chance to prepare yourself better. However, if you prefer, we can order the materials for you (inquire prices) for the IDC full Crew-pack and the EFRI Manual.

If you may have any questions about what materials are required, please just let us know as well if you prefer the IDC e-Learning option.

There are other fees that you will need to pay directly to PADI (by credit card or wire transfer) and not to us. This includes the IE fee, IDC fee and EFRI fee Applications. Also the Instructor Specialty application fee for those attending the Specialty Instructor/MSDT preparation option.

Note that each Specialty Instructor Application incurs a further one-off fee to PADI. Your annual PADI fees DO NOT increase with the number of specialties you are authorized to teach or whether you are MSDT or IDCS.

If you do not want to bring your equipment, you can rent this from us. The rental cost is 10 euros per day of use and includes BCD, regulators, wetsuit, mask, dive computer, snorkel and fins.

In order to reserve your place we require a 50% deposit, which can be made by wire bank transfer.

Balance tuition payments MUST be done maximum 15 days PRIOR the course start date – GO PRO / IDC Training.

I hope that this answers many of your questions, but of course if you need any more information to be able to consider things properly, then just drop me an email. I am here to answer any questions you may have, however seemingly insignificant, so you arrive as prepared and therefore as much confident as possible.

Special Price

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION 875 € for 8 weeks in advance bookings


IDC Basic plus

Deep Diver Specialty Instructor Course

Drift Diver Specialty Instructor Course

During your optional two week free team-teaching internship  (team-teaching—certs not guaranteed) you will learn:

Coltri Compressors basic operation and maintenance workshop

IDC NOT Included:

PADI fees (detailed below)

IDC and EFRI books and materials

Accommodation, drinks and food.

Transport to, accommodation & food at IE venue, in unlikely event on Sao Vicente rather than in Sal.